Dr. Sara Gebhardt '98

Davidson College OHMS
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00:01:15 - Relationship with Judaism before coming to Davidson College

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Keywords: Catholic; Eastern Europe; Holocaust; Interfaith Family; Jewish; Maryland; New York; Orthodox Jewish

00:03:03 - Coming to Davidson College

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Keywords: Division 1; Southern Liberal Arts; Student athlete; field hockey

00:05:23 - Involvement in Jewish Life at Davidson College

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Partial Transcript: "There was no Jewish life at Davidson. I had a very difficult college experience because of being Jewish. When I went to Davidson, I felt incredibly Jewish. It was a place that was very isolating, and, in my opinion, there wasn't Jewish Life. The college chaplain was very good to try to talk to Jewish students. There were maybe 12 to 15 openly Jewish students when i was there. It was something that some people I knew hid, which is crazy to thing about. I started college in '94, and I graduated in '98. This was not normal. It was very strange coming from where I came from, which like I said, was a very diverse place."

Subjects: College chaplain; Jewish life; Jewish student; isolation

00:07:13 - Being a Jewish Student Athlete at Davidson College

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Keywords: Conservative environment; Division 1; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; athletics; religious observation

00:11:04 - Becoming a spokesperson for Judaism and dealing with ignorance and antisemitism on campus

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Partial Transcript: Referring to a town hall on religious diversity at Davidson: "People asked me crazy questions. Crazy! Totally crazy questions just in that respect. And my, my roommate was a-- is an Episcopal. She came from the kind of background where you'd think she would have kind of spoken for the students that were for the crosses. But she had-- she stayed up all night the night before reading her Bible, and she defended me with the Bible. She found a passage that supported why this type of evangelism shouldn't be going on, and I was floored by that. One of the greatest moments of friendship I've ever experienced."

"People kept saying to me, "you chose us," and my defense to it was, "No, you chose me." I was heavily recruited. I "upped" the school’s numbers in everything. I was a very good student; I have a PhD from Harvard now. I could have gone elsewhere to college, but I was recruited to go to Davidson. "

Keywords: Chambers; Christian tradition; Davidsonian; Dr. Maiz-Peña; Easter crosses; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Fundamentalist; Libertas; Minority affairs; Presbyterian College; antisemitism; college holidays; evangelicals; religious diversity; religious forum

00:32:43 - Reaction to unmasking of Neo-nazi students at Davidson

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Keywords: Davidson College; Jewish; doxing; doxxing; national politics; neo-Nazi

00:35:08 - Relationship with Davidson faculty and administration

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Keywords: Chaplain's office; Comparative Literature; Dr. Annie Merrill; Dr.Maiz-Peña; Independent study; Passover seder; interdisciplinary studies

00:39:35 - Experience with Libertas

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Keywords: Libertas; activism; minority; student newspaper

00:43:36 - Relationship with faith after Davidson

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Keywords: American Studies; Israel; Jewish; Reform Jew; Washington DC; activists; antisemitism; culturally Jewish; faith; journalist

00:53:02 - Vote on Board of Trustee's exclusionary bylaw

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Keywords: Antisemitism; Board of Trustees; Davidson College; Presbyterian

01:03:31 - Message to future Jewish students at Davidson College

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Partial Transcript: "I guess I shouldn't keep harping on this, but you don't have to make it work. which is something I think I thought: I had to make it work. And I'm grateful that I did for the academics that I got, but for the social aspect of it, find your people and stick to your people, and I think that will help a lot."

Keywords: community support; resources