Rev. Rob Spach Pt. 1

Davidson College OHMS
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00:01:21 - Time as a student at Davidson College

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Keywords: 1980's; Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Center for Special Studies; Liberal Arts college; Literature and Christian Thought; Oberlin College; Transfer; Winston Salem

00:02:57 - Religion Department as a student at Davidson College

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Keywords: Dr.Mahoney; Dr.Plank; Dr.Polly; Jewish source material; Presbyterian Ministers; Presbyterian Tradition; Religious affiliation

00:06:12 - Studying Judaism at Davidson College

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Keywords: Dr.Polly; Hebrew prophets; Jewish Texts

00:09:04 - Interfaith at Davidson as a student

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Partial Transcript: "I would say I don't know in that there were probably some Jewish students here... but what their experience was I couldn't tell you because I had no idea."

Keywords: Catholic Campus Ministry; Chapel Committee; Chaplain; Charlie Summers; Davidson Christian Fellowship; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Interfaith; Women in Christian Ministry

00:12:57 - Tenure as Davidson College Chaplain

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Keywords: adjunct catholic chaplain; adjunct jewish chaplain; seminary

00:19:10 - Religious Diversity at Davidson

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Keywords: conservatism; evangelism; religious identity

00:23:41 - Anecdotal timeline of Jewish Life at Davidson College

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Partial Transcript: So as I reflected on I think I would kind of divide my experience with Jewish life into, into sort of four rough periods over the 26 years that I've been here."

"As chaplain I felt that it was important, that we add both an adjunct Jewish chaplain because I felt like the Jewish students were creating a structure and wanting something themselves, and so like they were active, and I thought okay it would be great to have someone who is in that tradition who can work with those students and nurture and encourage that."

Keywords: High Holy Days; Hillel; Jewish Student Union; Joanna Parker; Rabbi Jeremy Barris; Seder; Shabbat Dinner; interfaith; israeli-palestinian conflict